Control all your smart features with one single app

Wherever you are.

This is Eliot

Eliot offers a total housing solution for Smart homes

We’ve connected all Smart home features like electronic locks, alarms, heating, media, lighting and a wide variety of others in a single interface. You control your entire home easily and quickly with an app or remote control no matter how many features you have – whether you are at home or elsewhere.

ELIOT System

Get started with EliotStart

Eliot Universe consists of a variety of unique solutions, depending on your needs and requirements. To get started with making your home “Smart”, we install a basic package called EliotStart. After that you can easily add or upgrade your home with more features as needed.

Additional features

Music lover, movie enthusiast or just having trouble getting home on time?

Do you love music or have a passion for movies? Are you a parent, careerist, or a senior in need of a simpler way to do the things you used to do yourself? The Eliot system offers either complete package solutions or lets you pick the features you want in your own home.


IOT – We make it easy

Eliot Universe manages, installs and provides support for SmartaHem projects. Are you a contractor, installer or private consumer? Whether it’s for a new house, a rebuild or as an additional function in your existing home, we take care of your project.


Eliot System consists of a core functionality and several additional options that can be customized and tailor-made for your home.

Installation- & project management

Eliot Universe installs and manages projects both big and small. We have certified electricians and technicians all over Sweden.

Service & Support

We´ll take care of you and your installation before, during and after. You can easily get in touch with us on our support number 020-58 58 58.

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Technical support

Technical support:
Eliot QuickSupport

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